Ancient Era(500BC-500CE)

Greeks, Persians, Macedonians, Carthaginians, Romans, Barbarians

Year Model Make Photos Comments
331BC Macedonian Pike Phalanx Hat .020in piano wire pike
331BC Macedonian Companion Cavalry Hat .020in piano wire pike
331BC Thracian Light Cavalry Hat
331BC Persian Archer Italeri Bowstring is .006in brass wire.
331BC Persian Heavy Cavalry Zvezda/Italeri Spear is piano wire. Nice figure but shouldn't he have a helmet?
331BC Persian Medium Cavalry Zvezda/Italeri
200BC Successor War Elephant Zvezda Beautiful model. Pike is piano wire. Seleucid
50BC Roman Legionary Italeri One of Caesar's soldiers. Mail armor, oval shield.
50BC Gaul Warrior Italeri One of Caesar's foes.
100AD Roman Legionary Italeri/ESCI The classic Roman legionary popularized by Hollywood
100AD Roman Archer Airfix/Hat Eastern Roman archer from the old Airfix set.
350AD Roman Cataphract Hat Beautiful figure, one of my favorites