Dark and Middle Ages (500-1450)

From the fall of the Western Roman Empire to the end of the Hundred Year War

The period begins with the fall of the Western Roman Empire and the disappearance of ancient state armies in favor of smaller retinues loyal to a local lord. t ends between 1450 and 1492, from the fall of the Byzantine Empire to the "discovery" of America. These 40 years are marked by the end of feudalism, the rise of national armies and the rapid adoption of artillery and firearms.

Year Model Make Photos Comments
800 Frankish Spearman Strelets Sworsdsman rearmed with pianowire spear
1240 Teutonic Knight Italeri Lake Peipus
1200-1400 Counterweight Trebuchet Zvezda European trebuchet. Very effective siege machine with a range of 400m.
1415 French Knight Italeri Azincourt
1415 English Archer Italeri Azincourt