MMS A9 CS cruiser tank in caunter camouflage circa 1940/41. This is the type armed with a 3 inch mortar withe a range of up to 1000 yards. There were a few of them per regiment to take care of dug-in positions which the 2pdr armed tanks could not deal with, not being able to fire high explosive shells. The caunter colors (X821 Light Stone, X819 Silver Grey and X820 Slate) are from Xtracolor. These enamel paints are pretty thick in the tin and need to be thinned for use.
The only extra work was adding two panels to the rear deck extending it over the air intakes and two wire handles on the turret. I only used a sandshield on the port side, conforming to some documentation I found. The air intakes are not well defined and they were difficult to paint. The black is to represent openings. It's really hard to keep the black pure after washes, drybrushing and applying sand pigments. In hindsight I should have drilled them out. I'll do it on the others A9 A10 tanks. I found no references on markings so there are none. Last but not least I need to find a suitable tank commander figure.

This last picture shows the A9 CS in company with a Fujimi Matilda in the now debunked caunter colors of sand, light blue and brown. It still looks good though.