This late model SdKfz 222 is based on the Airfix kit. The Fujimi 222, which is grossly undersize, contributed turn indicators, suspensions, the MG and visor. The front lower plate, headlights and wire mesh came from the Milicast resin kit. Wheels are home made casts from the MMS Horch Kfz 69 (The 222 is based on the chassis of the Horch heavy personnel car). In hindsight I should have kept the smaller wheels. Period pictures are misleading as you clearly see two sizes. I now think the larger wheels went with early models. The Airfix turret was lengthened 2 mm, based on a 1/76 drawing. If you look at the original turret , the gun extends all the way back so there is no way anyone could stand or sit behind it. The figure is from the MMS DAK half track crew set.

This is the SMA etched grille for the Airfix kit. It is asymmetrical, which I have never seen! In addition to the anti-grenade mesh, there seems to be a license plateholder and a larger part which remains a mystery to me.