1/76 Cromwell Combat Ready Range SdKfz6/1 BN9

The Bussing-Nag BN9 5 ton tractor was built between 1939 and 1943, replacing earlier models. It was also built by Daimler-Benz and Praga. 3,500 were built in total (all models). The SDkfz6 was the engineer tractor with 4 rows of seats. The SdKfz6/2 was the artillery tractor with the last row replaced by an enlarged storage area. Th SdKfz6/2 was used as a mount for a 3.7cm flak36 gun. The 6/2 was also used as a makeshift anti tank vehicle with a Russian 76.2mm gun in an open box compartment.

  • The model has 2 parts, the windscreen and everything else. There are no instructions.

  • The underside is a solid block of resin. It was removed with the Dremel tool. Be sure to wet the model when sanding to avoid the dust.

  • The steering wheel is molded on. This is ghastly. It was also removed with the Dremel. A smooth panel was rebuilt using wax as putty. The weheel is MMS and the column plastic rod.

  • There is very little information on this vehicle and most of the pictures I found showed the rear fender flush with the step so I filed the surplus away. Of course having done that I found a picture which showed the rear fender going below the step but the front fender flush with the step...

  • The handles on the sided are cutaways. I drilledout the front out as it is not figured on the model. Of course I later found a photo with the front cutaway missing. A lot of pictures show the cutaways replaced by wire handles. The BN-9 was built by several manufacturers so I presume this accounts fro the myriad detail changes.

  • The rear license plate's position is a guess. I don't see where else or how else it could fit. The license plates are Aleran decals

  • Added details include the 3 usual levers (gear shift, gear reduction and handbrake), wipers, wiper engines, rear license plate and night taillight.

  • The windows are 10thou clear plastic. It is totally smooth unlike the clear package blisters I used before but it scratches very easily.

  • The right front wheel is lower than the rest of the vehicle. Prepare a pothole in your diorama base.