Reworked 1/76 Airfix Matador.

The model was first built a decade ago out of the box except for thinned front fenders, plastic card rear fenders, plastic strip access ladder and step. The window glazing was fixed from the inside. Paint was Humbrol 8th Army Desert Yellow, a tint now known to be too green.

Here is the kit after a light rebuild. The original wheels were replaced with proper sized 13.50x20 wheels from the Airfix Scammel tank transporter kit. The original glazing was removed and 5 thou clear styrene individual panels cut to size and attached from outside to be flush with the body. Windshield wipers and mirror mounts are 6thou brass. The model was repainted with Xtracolour Light Stone, highlighted with Humbrol 71.

The Airfix 5.5in gun, soon to be replaced by one from SHQ, demonstrates the smaller wheels.