My Favorite Aircraft Web Sites

Review sites

Modeling Madness Nice reviews and previews, updated every day.
SMAKR (Scale Model Aircraft Kit Reviews) Archive of one of the first review sites, now unfortunately offline.
Hyperscale Another great site, but with more model pics than reviews, and a predominance of 1/48. I use it mostly for reference
Aircraft Resource Center Another great site with more model pics than reviews, and a predominance of 1/48. HUGE model galleries. 103 spitfire models, all in different shades of gray, green, or dark earth, tell you a lot about the futility of the quest for authentic colors. Great jokes too.
Internet Modeler Online modeling magazine. Monthly issue.

Online Model Shops

Roll Models Cheapest source for the lines they carry. US based
Squadron Shop Their specials are very interesting. US based
Greatmodels Have more exotic products but more expensive than Roll or Squadron. US based
FlightDecs Every decal you can hope for. Canada based
Widget Supply Cheap source of tools such as files, hobby knives, blades, drill bits, pliers, scissors, etc. Caters to jewelers and hobbyists.
Small Parts Good source for wire (4 thou steel is their thinnest!), tubing, mesh and other materials. Serves the engineering community.

Useful Reference Sites

The Blueprints Incredible collection of drawings of military vehicles, cars, trucks, planes, spaceships.
Wings Palette Vast repository of color profiles. Not always accurate, be careful. 1 million hi-resolution aircraft photos. Contains 1334 Spitfire and 1225 Mustang pictures.