My Favorite Miniature Military Modeling Web Sites

  • Review sites: see what's in the box!
  • !/72 & 1/76 scale AFV model museum The original small scale model website.
    Small Scale AFV Great site with lots of reviews and pics.
    Missing Lynx Small scale discussion forum. Very informative.
    On The Way Very thorough 1/72 scale review site. No 1/76
    Henk of Holland By far the most comprehensive 1/72 scale review site. Updated daily by Henk, which is quite a feat.
    Covenanter Modelling Ian Hanratty and Tony Ivey's 1/76 scale review site.

  • Model Stores
  • Roll Models Hobby shop. Usually the cheapest source for the lines they carry. US based
    Squadron Shop Hobby shop. Carries most East european 1/72 armor. Also JB, Fujimi and SMA in 1/76. US Based
    Tracks and Troops Military model shop for 1/35 and 1/72. Good chance they have what you want. Belgian
    Brookhurst Hobbies Hobby shop near LA. The new site has no 1/76 models but they may still have some old stock of MMS and Cromwell.
    Syr Hobbs Wargames Wargaming specialist. My source for Milicast and Aleran Decals. USA.
    Scalelink Huge selection of oo (1/76) railroad accesories (buildings, scenery, figures, cars). Also carries Matador and SMA. UK.
    Widget Supply Cheap source of tools such as files, hobby knives, blades, drill bits, pliers, scissors, etc. Caters to jewelers and hobbyists.
    Small Parts Good source for wire (4 thou steel is their thinnest!), tubing, mesh and other materials. Serves the engineering community.

  • 1/76 Manufacturer Sites
  • most take orders online
    AB Figures Very nice WWII metal figures and artillery. UK based
    Convoy 1/76 scale WWI and WWII resin models. ex Model Transport. They also have CA Atkins pewter armored cars. UK based
    Cromwell 1/76 scale WWII and postwar resin models. Now focusing on "combat ready" one-piece models. Good for wargames. Closed trucks have solid cabs. UK based. As of 2009, the site has been down for close to a year. Kits can be found occasionally on Ebay.
    Matador 1/76 scale WWI and WWII models and conversion. Also 1/72 airfield accessories. UK based
    Milicast Probably the largest range of 1/76 models. Expanding line of beautiful figures. Resin. UK based
    MMS Beautiful metal models. Also figures and artillery. UK based
    SMA Wide range of 1/76 scale softskins. Check the review pages for some examples. Acquired by Scalelink and Matador in 2007. As of 2009 Matador is gradually reissuing the range.

  • Useful reference sites
  • scale blueprints Incredible collection of drawings of military vehicles, cars, trucks, planes, spaceships. I copy them into OpenOffice Draw and using measurement collected from the web, resize them to 1/76.
    vehicle walk around photos Large repository of actual vehicle photos taken in museums or at military vehicle meets.
    more vehicle photos A smaller set of walkaround photos. The rest of the site is nice too.