My Favorite Miniature Soldier Web Sites

  • Review sites: see what's in the box!
  • Plastic Soldier Review the best site for soft plastic soldier previews, very complete and up to date. Starting to cover hard plastic, resin andr metal figures.
    Wargamers' guild Wargaming forum, lots of contributor pics.
    Soldatini Another review site, in Italian.

  • Forums: Gossip, rumors, and news
  • Strelets forum Very active figure forum. Very useful as to future releases
    Orion forum Similar to Strelets' forum but with less traffic
    Hat Manufacturer web site now with its own forum and loads of contributor pics.

  • Useful sites
  • Figure Painting Tutorial A detailed tutorial on figure painting originally printed in Wargames Illustrated Magazine. I prefer more subdued shading on my figures but the recommendations are very useful and the figures beautifully painted nonetheless.

  • Plastic Figure Stores
  • Roll Models Cheapest source for the lines they carry: Airfix, Emhar, Hat, Imex, Italeri, Revell, Preiser. No ACTA, Zvezda or other East European makes. US based
    Squadron Shop Hobby shop. Good for Zvezda. Also has Airfix, Emhar, Imex, Italeri, Revell. No Hat, Orion, Strelets. US Based
    Michigan Toy Soldier Miniature soldier shop. Carries all current ranges including ACTA, Orion, Strelets, LW, MiniArt, Lucky Toys. Become a member for 10% discount on most ranges. US based
    Toy Soldier HQ Miniature soldier shop. Carries all current ranges as well as discontinued figures. Market based pricing. US based
    Little Big Men Studios 1/72 ancient shield decals for use on Hat figures. UK based

  • Metal and Resin Figure Stores
  • Widens the choice but 10 times more expensive than plastic on average. I use mainly for officers, specialists, and crews.
    Soldats du 1er Empire Napoleonic soldier site. Carries all plastic ranges as well as Art Miniaturen, FSF, Kennington, and Qualiticast metal figures. Also have Rofur 1/72 flags. Has nice galleries and tips sections. French based
    Figurines Same store as above, for non-Napoleonic periods. Carries Art Miniaturen (metal), FSF (metal), Gulliver, Hät, Imex, Italeri, Hytty, Kamar, Lucky Toys, LW, Miniart, Nicolai (resin), Odemars, Orion, SHQ (metal), Strelets, TS, Waterloo, Zvezda. Also have Rofur 1/72 flags. French based
    Tracks and Troops Military model shop for 1/35 and 1/72. Carries popular plastic ranges plus Preiser, Pegasus and Gulliver. Resin ranges: Almogavers, Milicast, Mig, Retrokit. Metal ranges: SHQ, FoF, MGM, MMS. Some pics. Belgian based
    AB Figures Vendor site. Very nice WWII metal figures. Nice pics. UK based