Kit Preview : 1/76 4MilMod FordC11ADF

About the manufacturer
The now defunct 4MilMod range offered an interesting range of white metal subjects with multi-piece bodies. This is the only one I have and I regret not buying more when I had the chance.
4MilMod molds have been acquired by Trux, Matador and SMA. The Ford C11 and its Gen. Alexander open tourer variant are available from Trux. I do not know if it the exact same model or if it was modified into resin or a one-piece body.

About the vehicle
The Ford C11ADF is the Canadian version of the 1941 US Ford "woody" station wagon . Apart from right hand drive and militarization mods, I don't think there are any major visual differences. It was used extensively as staff cars by both sides in North Africa.
Here are two links which will lead you to some great pictures of a 1941 Ford that was exhibited at Betlring in 2006.
link 1 , link 2
For more information on 1941 Fords click here.

About the kit
Kit instruction sheet front page.
Kit instruction sheet back page.
The most useful and detailed sheet I have seen so far from "cottage" vendors.
Very good resemblance.
The trick will be to assemble the multi-piece body symmetrically.
Part layout
Main body parts
5 wheels, steering wheel, front bumper
2 seat benches, dashboard bulkhead. The dash is wrong: no round dials on this car. Check link 2 at the bottom of this page.
The original has a 114in wheelbase, which scales down to 3.81cm. the model checks out at 3.8cm, a perfect match.