Kit Preview : 1/76 SMA ex4MilMod Opel Admiral

About the manufacturer
The now defunct 4MilMod range offered an interesting range of very well done white metal subjects with multi-piece bodies. This is the only one I have and I regret not buying more when I had the chance.
4MilMod molds have been acquired by Trux, Matador and SMA. Trux and SMA having also ceased operatons, let us hope Matador picks up the rest of the range.

About the vehicle
The Opel Admiral was the flagship of the Opel line in the immediate prewar year (1937-1939), in an attempt to compete with Mercedes and Horch. They served as staff cars during WW2, presumably to generals only. As these cars would have someone to keep them polished at all times, keep the weathering light if you model it.
For more information on the Opel Admiral click here.

About the kit