Kit Preview : 1/76 Cromwell Combat Ready AEC Dorchester

Cromwell's Combat Ready Range combines simplicity and good detail.

The AEC Dorchester was a 4x4 armored commend vehicle based on the chassis of the Matador artillery tractor. It was used extensively in the desert in 1941/42. The most well known examples are of course Max and Moritz, two captured Dorchesters used by Rommel. I am sure there are more models of those German Dorchesters than British ones. For a nice article in French on Max and Moritz click here
The kit could not be simpler. It's in one piece; a very nice piece though, with roof stowage and an acceptable headlight (not a small feat for a molded on item). Just clean up and paint!

This casting does not have the solid resin underside.

Now for the bad news. The model is 3mm too short. I did a visual check against the Airfix Matador and verified the discrepancy against 2 sources: dimensions in Vanderveen's Directory and a 1/76 scale drawing in the old Afrika Korps Airfix modeling guide.
It seems the main body is too short. Forget about correcting it unless you want to saw the model, add extra material and resculpt. Even that wouldn't be satisfactory because the shortfall is evenly distributed across the length of the body, adding 3mm in one place would lead to a disproportionately large panel. Too bad...