Kit Preview : 1/76 Cromwell Combat Ready Grant

Cromwell's Combat Ready Range combines simplicity and good detail.

This model represents the Grant as used in the desert by the 8th Army from May to November 1942. Grants (and Lees) were the first big gun tanks used by the British in the desert, better capable of tackling German armor than the 2pdr armed Valentines and Crusaders. Moreover the 75mm guns could fire both HE and AP rounds, contrary to the British 2 and 6 pounder guns. They were gradually replaced by Shermans after El Alamein and were out of front line service by mid 1943. The Italian campaign would be fought with Shermans and Churchills.
The kit comes in 3 pieces, the tank and 2 guns.
Hull with turret
Hull top
Right side. Stowage is hanging from the side rail
Left side
Hull front. Headlights and brushguards are missing
Hull rear. No taillights
The guns are very basic. Not sure how they will come out.
The underside came as a solid block or resin. It has been carved out a Dremel machine tool. It will be smoothed over with putty. Recent casts don't have this problem, I believe
Sizewise, it looks good next to the old Airfix Lee.