Kit Preview : 1/76 Cromwell Combat Ready M11/39

Cromwell's Combat Ready Range combines simplicity and good detail.

The M11/39 was the Italian main battle tank in 1940. 90 were built between 1937 and 1940. 70 were used in the early stages of the desert campaign. It had a 37mm gun on a side sponsoon, 2 8mm Bredas in the turret, was unreliable, and prone to catching fire, overall a fine tank. You will find more info on Italian tanks here.
The kit comes in 3 pieces, the tank, the turret and the 37mm gun. Overall detail is good, as always with CCR. Scale length is spot on at 6.2cm (4.7m), width is 2mm short at 2.7mm instead of 2.9mm (2.2m). Side steps and headlight are not on the kit and may account for the shortfall.

Kit bag. The 2 bags are ziplock, very practical.
3 parts: hull, turret, gun
Left side
Right side
Front angled views.
Headlights and the typical side steps are not included
Hull rear. The kit is bare: no stowage, tools or storage boxes
Turret close-up. The ruler is in mm.
The two stubs passing as Breda MGs are better filed off and replaced with rod.
Gun close-up. It is very thin, looking more like a machine gun.