Kit Preview : 1/76 Cromwell Combat Ready Renault D2

About the manufacturer
Cromwell is a leading 1/76 resin model manufacturer. They mostly focus on the semi-built Battlefield Series for 20mm wargamers. Most models are display model quality though some can can have ugly mistakes. Better to check them out individually before buying. Solid block resin does not lend itself well to corrective surgery.

About the vehicle
The Renault D2 was used in 1940 by de Gaulle's 4th DCR alongside the B1 bis. Only 100 were built with only a fraction seeing action. You can find more information on the D2 at Wikipedia and Tanks!.

About the kit
This a very simple kit. It has two parts, hull and turret. The turret MG is missing. it wasn't loose in the bag so I can't tell if it is missing or if you have to provide it yourself.
There are 7 handles on the engine deck. Either you can live with the solid ones molded on the model or break out the brass wire ( and Mission Model's nifty Grab Handler if you have one).
The cup holder on the right side is too far forward and too large. Actually the offside lockers are too long and should taper off further from the front. The cup holder (or whatever it is) is covered with a plate that also goes over the hull. The cup holder and the plate are some distance from the front, not adjoining it as on the model.
The turret is a mystery to me. It is an ACX-1 with the short 47mm gun and similar to the ACX-4 on the B1bis. The CCR turret is higher with a different vertical angle and almost larger than the Matchbox one. I'll wait until I can find a drawing to pass final judgment.

Miniature Modelling also has a review of this model including a picture of the left side.