Kit Preview : 1/76 Cromwell Combat Ready 15cm Sig33 on PzII SPG

About the manufacturer
Cromwell's Combat Ready range combines simplicity and an excellent level of detail. Unfortunately the individual models are a bit of hit and miss. If they are accurate they are near perfect, otherwise they are cast-offs as one piece hulls don't lend themselves well to modifications. The bad kits are not really bad just not to scale.

About the vehicle
Here is the Wikipedia article on this vehicle. The sole user was 90th Light Division between early 1942 and final surrender in May 1943.

About the kit
The kit is a one piece affair. The open crew compartment has some interesting details such as the stowed MG34, binoculars and a helmet. On the other hand the ammo compartments are empty and barely defined. The few pictures of the actual machine show 2 S shaped hooks on the left hull, just forward of the antenna mount. The gun lacks a sight and its mountings are pretty crude. Its overall dimensions seem correct in length but narrow by 3 mm. It is barely wider than a Matchbox Pz IIF where it should be 32 cm wider (4.2mm in 1/76).

Reviewed on Sep. 8, 2009