Kit Preview : 1/76 Cromwell Combat Ready T15

About the manufacturer
Cromwell's Combat Ready range combines simplicity and an excellent level of detail. Unfortunately the individual models are a bit of hit and miss. If they are accurate they are near perfect, otherwise they are cast-offs as one piece hulls don't lend themselves well to modifications. The bad kits are not really bad just not to scale.

About the vehicle
The T15 Belgian Light Tank was essentially a 1934 British Vickers Carden Loyd Mk.III with a new turret and armed with a Hotchkiss 13.2mm Machine Gun. 42 saw action in the defence of Belgium in 1940.
For more information on the T15 click here.
For pictures of a beautiful 1/35 model of the T15 click here

About the kit

This model is only sold in a bag of three. They are identical save for one detail. Two of the models are from an earlier batch and have solid underhulls!
The castings are great and the dimensions are correct for 1/76. It is a very small vehicle, smaller than the Panzer I. The last picture shows it against a MMS Panzer IVD.
The MG and hatch come separate. As I know of no Belgium tank crews in 1/76/72 I will probably close the hatches. The only missing details I noticed were a mirror on the left front hull, a mesh muffler guard (two variations, full length or cylinder only), and tools stowed on the left side. The reinforcing wedges should not be solid. These may not have need installed on all vehicles so it might be OK to leave them off.
Belgian tanks were marked with license plates (tricolor and number), belgian roundels and white unit insignias on the turret. Aleran decals have a sheet for Belgian vehicles of 1940. All tanks were painted an overall brown color (at least this seems to be the consensus).