Kit Preview : 1/76 CMSC Austin K2/YF 2t 4x2

About the manufacturer
CMSC make a very interesting range of mainly British vehicles, WW2 and postwar. The models have resin bodies and white metal wheels and details. CMSC also sell white metal detailing accessories, which I find most useful, like steering wheels, tailhooks and handles, and side mirrors. PDI model supplies in the UK is my only known source for this range.

About the vehicle
The Austin K2/YF is a 2ton 4x2 GS truck used by the British in the first half of the war. They were superseded by 3ton types (Austin K3, same cab, 159in wb, 3t body) later in the war. This type shares the chassis of the Austin K2 ambulance as modeled by Airfix.
Vehicle dimensions:
  • length : 215 in
  • width: 88 in
  • height: 123 in (84 in to cab)
  • wheelbase: 160 in
  • engine: Austin 6cyl 3.46l 60hp
  • production: 14685 (incl. Austin K30, 30cwt type)
    About the kit
    This is one of CMSC's earlier kits and is part of a sereis of variants of the Austin K2/K3 and K6 families as represented in the old Airfix Emergency set. Their kits have much improved 10.50-16 wheels, also available separately to upgrade the Airfix models.
    Kit box
    Kit instructions
    Main parts
    Cab closeup
    GS body detail
    4 mud flaps, 2 seats, radiator, chassis frame
    The radiator has a fine etched pattern, better than the original Airfix, which has none.

    Lots of small metal parts in this kit: 2 axles (one is broken in my kit), exhaust, transmission shaft, 4 springs, radiator guard,steering wheel, 2 fuel tanks, 2 foot steps, 2 side lights, gear lever, 2 side mirrors, 2 towing hooks, brake lever, bridge number plate, U-shaped piece unidentified