Kit Preview : 1/76 CMSC Chevrolet CC60L 3ton 4x2

About the manufacturer
CMSC make a very interesting range of mainly British vehicles, WW2 and postwar. The models have resin bodies and white metal accessories. CMSC also sell white metal detailing accessories, which I find most useful, like steering wheels, tailhooks and handles, and side mirrors. PDI model supplies in the UK is my only known source for this range.

About the vehicle
The Chevrolet CC60L is a slightly militarized 1941/42 Chevrolet 1543 civilian truck. Built in Canada with right hand drive, it was used extensively by the British. As a side note it is the larger cousin of the much more famous Chevrolet 1533 1.5t (30cwt) used by the Long Range Desert Group in North Africa.
Vehicle dimensions:
  • length : 253/259 in (depending on body type)
  • width: 88 in
  • height: 123 in (84 in to cab)
  • wheelbase: 160 in
  • engine: 6cyl (stovebolt 6) 85hp
    About the kit
    This is one of CMSC's later kits and features resin wheels.
    The kit comes boxed with parts bagged in three ziplocks.
    Very simple kit and instruction sheet.
    Remember that the steering wheel goes on the right side for a Canadian truck built to British specs.
    two part for the metal GS body, two parts for the cab and a chassis.
    The moldings are very crisp and need very little preparation. The thin sheet of resin covering openings need to be removed with a hobby knife.
    There is no dash detail in the cab, for those who care, and levers will have to be scratched.
    Front end detail. A well defined grille.
    Another view
    Wheels (4+ spare), 2 seats, 4 flaps for the rear mudguards.
    The 2 parts on the lower left corner are unidentified and probably don't belong to this kit.
    Wheel profiles. CMSC usually provides metal wheels but these are nicely done.
    Note the dual rear tires. I will replace the wheels with CMSC 10.50x16 tires for a desert vehicle. These tires are sold by CMSC as replacements for the Airfix Austin K2.
    Metal parts: steering wheel, mirrors, 2 rear springs, 2 axels, front bumper, drivetrain.
    The cab looks the right size next to the Matchbox 1533.