Kit Preview : 1/76 Convoy Somua MCL

About the manufacturer
ModelTransport is a defunct 1/76 resin model manufacturer. Convoy now carries part of once was an extensive range of very interesting vehicles. The resin castings are well done but not up to the current standards set by Milicast and Cromwell. I have found some errors on their models so references need to be handy to correct them.

About the vehicle

The Somua MCL was a heavy half-tracked tractor used for towing the 155mm GPF heavy gun or a 30-ton tank trailer. The artillery version did not reach production as the Lati S35 was judged to be superior and only 15 preseries vehicles were built. 148 recovery tractors were built out of 450 ordered. There were several series with or without tilt and different engine bores

About the kit
This is a simple yet well detailed resin kit, which should be a good basis for a detailed model.

I did not check dimensions for lack of documentation on this particular version.
  • the hull portion between the cab and the hood should be flush with the hood, not raised/bulging. There should also be two small rectangular vents on each side.
  • this is a recovery vehicle not a GS truck. The body holds a crane and loads of equipment. This can hidden with a tilt, but there is none!
  • the 6 vents on the hood sides (instead of 5) are typical of the 6-cylinder engine, which did not leave the prototype stage. It also had a longer hood.
  • tools and other small accessories are missing but this is par for the course in such a kit.