Kit Preview : 1/76 Cromwell Horch Kfz15 Staff Car

About the manufacturer
Cromwell makes very interesting resin models. They started out with simple kits but have now focused on their Combat Ready range of essentially one piece resin castings targeted essentially towards wargamers. Most of their model range is being re-released in the CCR range, and I suppose it will disappear.

About the vehicle
The Kfz15 is a prewar German specification for medium passenger cars. Horch is one of the manufacturers of that class of vehicles, along with Opel. The Horch car was used extensively in the early part of the war. It will be in gray in Europe and Russia through 1942, desert yellow in North Africa, and maybe a few will have been repainted in dark yellow after 1943. Rommel used one, garanteeing its popularity with modelers. Its successor, the Horch 40 is essentially the same car with a wider body that goes outside the spare tires instead of inside.
Vehicle dimensions:
  • length : 4.74m
  • width: 1.85m
  • height: 2.05m
  • wheelbase: 3.1m
  • engine: Horch V8, 80hp or Opel 6cyl, 68hp

    About the kit
    This is a very simple resin kit. There are no kit instructions so be ready with your own docs if you want to detail the model.
    Front view

    Side view. A quick dimension check shows that the wheelbase is spot on.
    Rear view.
    Closeup of the dash and interior. Nice dash detail but no central console.
    Rear seat with an MP40 and binoculars. Open or closed tops are possible.
    Interesting clutter comes with the folded top

    Side curtains, windshield, 6 wheels, steering wheel
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