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Kit Preview : 1/76 Fujimi T-34/76 Model 1941

Missing-Lynx has an excellent dual review of the Fujimi and Matchbox T-34/76 kits. All I am doing here is complementing the text with a set of pictures. Much of the old Fujimi range is being re-released and this kit is currently on the market (late 2006).

As the Missing Lynx article explains you get 20 wheels where you need only 10. 10 are steel-rimmed and 10 are rubber-rimmed without holes. Both are correct.
Close-up of the steel-rimmed wheels

Close-up of the rubber-rimmed wheels

The Fujimi tracks are the ones at the top of the last picture. They are of the plate type. The Fujimi and Matchbox tracks are noticeably narrower (6.2mm or 47cm) than the MMS track (7.3mm, 55cm). I have found no reference to narrow tracks on early T-34's.

The white is actually a pale cream.

Matchbox, Fujimi and MMS hulls, a close match.

The most visible differences are a thinner Fujimi MG mantlet and a larger radiator grille on the Matchbox kit.
This is actually a very nice kit.It is to scale. The road wheels are nicely detailed and the proper size and pattern. The overall level of detail is pretty good.
Comparing the kit to several 1/76 drawings it appears the gun is too short. The one on the Matchbox T-34 is the correct length, notwithstanding the above-referenced Missing-Lynx article.

Here is a link to pictures of the completed model: