Kit Preview : 1/76 JB Vickers Light Tank Mk VI A/B/C

About the manufacturer
JB is a small UK plastic modelmanufacturer. Given the setup cost of injection molding, it takes quite some courage to get into that market instead of using resin or white metal. Their range is mostly modern UK, save for this kit.

About the vehicle
Here is the article on Wikipedia on this vehicle.
About the kit

The kit can be built in three versions, differing mainly in turret cupola and armament as can be seen in the instruction sheet. The kit has no rivets. Of course at this scale they shouldn't be visible, but still... The track guide teeth are ugly, spaced out blocks. That could have been done better. Overall there is not a lot of fine detail and the panel lines are very wide. At least they are straight, unlike some resin/white metal models. Everything seems to be there but the impression is a bit toy-like. To be fair I would wait until the model is built before passing judgment. It's good to have a kit of this early tank. Mine will be in caunter camouflage of course.