Kit Preview : 1/72 Komintern/ACE 1931 Gaz AA 1.5t Truck

About the vendor
I know nothing about the vendor, Komintern models from Ukraine. I have not seen any products from them in a year but I remember seeing the ACE Gaz AA with the same box art.

About the model
In February of 1930 the first 1929 model Ford-AA trucks cars were built in Nizhniy Novgorod, from parts shipped in from the USA. A newly established factory known as GAZ (Gorky Automobile Plant) started production in January 1932. The GAZ-AA became a famous and respected vehicle in the Soviet Union, given the nickname "Polutorka" for its 1.5 tonne cargo capacity ("poltora" means one and half). The high ground clearance and ruggedness of the Ford design was well suited to Russian conditions and over a million were produced, serving throughout the Great Patriotic War.

Technical and tactical specifications of GAZ-AA:
Length 5,300 m
Width 2,000 m
Height 1,950 m
Speed 70 kph
Weight 1750 kg

Click here for more information on the Gaz AA

Kit box
Kit instructions.
Painting instructions with reference to Humbrol and Testors are nice.

Kit Instruction detail: model history
Kit instructions
One sprue only, no transparencies or decals
The wheelbase checks out correctly for 1/72 scale. It is difficult to verify other dimensions with parts still on the sprue.