Kit Preview : 1/76 MMS Daimler Mk1 Armored Car

Introduced in 1942, the Daimler Mk1 was the first armored car to be equipped with a tank gun, the 40mm 2 pounder. It was a very successful AFV, serving in North Africa, Italy and NW Europe with Commonwealth armies until the end of the war. 2694 Mk1 and Mk2s were produced.

The kit comes very tightly bagged.
The intruction sheet is bare bones. It's more guidelines than instructions. Without outside reference sources, it'll be difficult to position parts like the aerial mounts, the searchlight, and the spare tire.
Rear view
The metal looks very rough but is easily sanded smooth, being very soft.It won't appear rough after painting.
Front right view
Front left view

5 nicely cast wheels.
The spare goes on the left side, between the fenders. It should be drilled out, without a hub.