Kit Preview : 1/76 MMS Phaenomen Granit 1500A heavy personnel car

Simple kit, simple sheet.

This is the stock kit with 4 changes:
- headlights are too small. replaced with those from Airfix 222
- solid door steps replaced with wire.
- oversized rear license plate not used.
- two plastic rods were added to simulate the drive shafts.

Unused parts

This is a nice kit. It is very finely molded with a good level of detail. On the downside there is no interior sidewall detail and the sides are 1+mm thick. That is thicker armor than a Tiger tank! I have added control levers, the typical mirror/light/turn indicator combos on each side of the windshield, and clear plastic windows to complete the model.
This photo walkaround of the real vehicle was very useful to build those pesky turn indicators.
Photos of finished model: