Kit Preview : 1/76 MMS Marder III Ausf.M 7.5cm TD

About the manufacturer
MMS is the leading 1/76 white metal model brand. The quality of casting and level of detail are comparable to traditional plastic kits, albeit without etched metal detailing. Smaller details such as mirrors are often omitted , and the running gear of tracked vehicles is usually a simplified one piece casting where the guide teeth are backed by a solid metal strengthening strip.
Due to the tight packaging in unprotected plastic bags, parts often come bent or one might say, with pre-built battle damage. Care must be taken to straighten things out lest parts be broken. Most MMS models I have seen are accurate, the only exception being the Shermans which have too short tracks, too much ground clearance and a too short transmission cover.

About the vehicle
The Marder III is a series of tank destroyers built on the 38(t) chassis/ There were three main version of which this is the last. Introduced in 1943, to late to see service in Africa, they were used on all fronts until the very end.

More information on the vehicle at Wikipedia and Onwar.

About the kit

The kit shares a hull with the MMS Grille. The hull and gun compartment sides are warped and must be straightened out before fitting. Otherwise it looks like an easy build The radio is there but the corresponding antenna stub outside the fighting compartment is missing.
Here is a link to the Grille preview for a comparison. Compared to the Ostmodels kit, MMS has it underscale by 1/2 cm in length. As you can see below it is painfully obvious. It is a pity as it is more detailed. I wonder if combining the MMS gun and hull interior witht the Ostmodels hull and track will work.

Overall a very nice kit.

Reviewed on 7/24/09.