Kit Preview : 1/76 MMS Panzer III Ausf.H

This is a mid-production PanzerIII with a short 5cm gun and the wider track. It was the workhorse of the Afrika Korps in 1941-1942, always outnumbering the PanzerIII "specials" with the long 5cm (J and L models) and the PanzerIVs.
Kit Instructions

Hull, turret and one piece track. The suspension stops are missing and the escape hatch is a mere shape, withouth hinges.

Front close-up: one mudguard is broken, undoubtedly battle damage!
A shot of the rear
Detail parts
Detail parts
If you were hoping for a detailed chassis, you are out of luck!
Sandwiched between the Matchbox PzIIIL and MMS' StuGIID, the model seems to be correct in size.