Kit Preview : 1/76 MMS Steyr 1500A light truck

The Steyr 1500A was a second generation heavy car 4x4 chassis. Its air cooled engine made it more reliable in the extreme conditions of Russai and North Africa. Along with the Granit 1500A, it coexisted with the earlier Horch/Auto-Union models.
The model represents the light truck version, with a 1.5ton cargo bed.
simple instruction sheet.

The radiator guard grille has 2 incomplete strips. They will be cut off and prelaced with plastic strips.
The kit comes with a driver, which is a very nice touch. His cap is a bit small, as is his head. He fits perfectly in the cab. his tunic is buttoned up a the collar so he won't be serving in Africa.
The spare wheel slips in between the cargo bed and the chassis. It is a shame to waste such a beautiful wheel.

My kit is missing several parts: the drive shafts, size indicators, steering wheel column, and front part of the exhaust. Since I opened the stapled bag for this review, I suspect it is a one-off oversight. It is not much a problem as these part are easily replaced.