Kit Preview : 1/76 MMS Universal Carrier Mk I

Carriers typify the British Army in WW2, along with Sten Guns and the tin helmet. Used as "armored" scouts, platoon transport and gun tractors, they are ubiquitous in period pictures.
The Universal Mk I model of 1940 superseded multiple pre-existing specialized carriers such as Bren or Scout carriers. Universal carriers are recognizable by their box-shaped body.
Universal MkI carriers came too late for the 1940 BEF debacle but were used in North Africa and in the Far East. The 1943 MkII model, as modeled by Airfix, was used in all late war campaigns. The Airfix carrier, 6pounder combo reflects an IWM picture taken in France in 1944.
Kit instruction sheet
In my sources, the smoke dischargers were only fitted on MkIIs.
Main parts
Main components dry assembled: body, tracks, bulkhead and engine cover

Front view.
The very typical mirror sticking out of the right side that will have to come from the spares box
Rear view

Detail parts

Side by side with Airfix carrier.
The Airfix model is a MkII with a different stowage layout, track guards, and side steps.