Kit Preview : 1/76 Matchbox T-34/76 Model 1942

Missing-Lynx has an excellent dual review of the Fujimi and Matchbox T-34/76 kits. All I am doing here is complementing the text with a set of pictures. Much of the old Matchbox range is being re-released by Revell and this kit is currently on the market (late 2006).

The Matchbox tracks are the unspeakable ones on the bottom of the last picture. The greasy spots on the instructions come from the tracks. They are starting to devolve back into their primary components. The next stage is for them to lose all their oil and become brittle. Then you end up with individual track links. That's where my M7 Priest tracks are. Finally you probably get powder. The other two tracks are Fujimi and MMS. The Fujimi and Matchbox track are the narrow type without grousers. They measure 6.2mm (47cm) where the MMS track is 7.3mm wide (55cm).

The decals are useless, being for a model 1943. Keep them in your stash.
Matchbox, Fujimi and MMS hulls, a close match.

The most visible differences are a thinner Fujimi MG mantlet and a larger radiator grille on the Matchbox kit.

Apart from nostalgia value, the kit needs quite some work to turn into a reasonable display model. Apart from the corrections described in the Missing Lynx article much of the detail on the hull and turret will need to be redone or added, as always with Matchbox.