Kit Preview : 1/76 Milicast 6 pounder Antitank Gun

About the manufacturer
Milicast is the premier resin model manufacturer in 1/76. Their range is wide, the level of detail is showcase model-level as opposed to wargame model. Their kits are all resin and include a lot of small parts. The quality and level of detail have also vastly improved in the last few years with models having full interiors and sometimes detailed engines. Their latest guns, which I have only seen on the web site also seem to bring the hobby to a new level. On the minus side, I do question the use of resin for everything as it is more difficult to straighten or unwarp than white metal. Resin parts can be corrected in a hot water bath, but not always perfectly, and the slightest bend in a gun is very conspicuous on a tank!

About the gun
Here is the Wikipedia article on the 6 pounder antitank gun.

About the kit

This is a very detailed resin kit. It really relegates the Airfix 6 pounder to the spares box. The barrel seems a bit distorted and one of the wheels is missing the hub. Otherwise a beautiful model.

I plan to mount the gun on the Bedford QL portee. Here is the review of the Model Transport kit.