Kit Preview : 1/76 Milicast battlefield Crusader I/II with late (full) desert shields (BB06)

For a history of the Crusader click here.
The Crusader II was used in the desert from August 1941 until El Alamein Novemebr 1942. I don't know if any made it into Tunisia. The Crusader I differed in having the auxiliary turret. These were gradually removed in the field making them unrecognizable from Mark IIs. The model has full sand shields as fitted towards the end of 1941. Earlier models had partial sandshields. Here is Milicast's catalog page for this model.

The kit is dimensionally correct. The only issue I found is that the front mudguards have two parts where all photos I have seen show one with the bottom part open.


Additional parts include the turret hatch, 2pdr gun, 3in gun (for the CS version), driver hatch, coax MG, auxiliary turret and Besa MG for Mark I version, turret cover for Mark II version.

The Airfix Crusader is finally exposed. It is too long by a mile (actually 1.1cm), mainly because the wheels are oversize and they had to make up for it.