Kit Preview : 1/76 Milicast SAS Jeep (Desert version) (Ref UK77)and Crew (Ref UK72)

Everything you want to know about SAS Jeeps is here. This is the Milicast catalog page for this model.

This sheet is more of a guide sheet than an instruction sheet. The model provided is actually diffrent than the one in the pictures. It has no side handles and a box in front of the steering wheel.

The one piece body is very finely molded. There is some flash on the spares but this can be hidden by the sand channel.

Very fine steering wheel and guns. You get one .30cal Browning (not a .50 as mentioned in the instruction sheet), a dual mount Vickers K and a single mount Vickers K.

The two SAS crew members wear Arab headgear on standard desert uniform. The driver has his face covered by a scarf and goggles. These are beautiful figures.

The MB's wheelbase is 80in, which translates to 26.7mm in 1/76. The Milicast model is 25.7mm and the Matchbox 26.7mm. The Matchbox jeep is dimensionally more accurate but the difference is acceptable.