Kit Preview : 1/76 Milicast Panther G ref. G58

This out of production resin model represents the late model Panther G with steel wheels of which only 24 were built and used in 1945. The hull has Zimmerit and molded on tools and accessories.The turret is in one piece with the late model "chin" mantlet. There a very few as can be seen in the pictures, which is good thing because there are no instructions. My kit was without a gun muzzle brake so that will have to be sourced elsewhere. Actually quite a few things will have to be sourced elsewhere. The one piece track/running gear assembly is that of a Tiger. It does not even come close to being the right length for a Panther. Either there was a mistake during packaging or Milicast had a serious lapse of judgment. There is more: like most early Panther G models, this one has the engine deck of a Panther A. This is documented as such in the Panther In Action book and Matchbox, Nitto, Milicast and Vacucast all followed along. Nowadays all Panther G models regardless of how early they are supposed to be come with the revised engine deck with the shorter 2x4 grilles as opposed to the earlier 4x3. This particular model has the raised left fan of a late model G and that will not work. Moreover late G's did not have Zimmerit and that would be true for the steel wheel models.
What I would do to rehabilitate this model would be:
Now is it worth it? That's a different matter.

Side by side comparison of the Milicast, Matchbox and vacucast Panther G's.