Kit Preview : 1/76 Milicast SdKfz 222 Armored Car

About the manufacturer
Milicast is the premier resin model manufacturer in 1/76. Their range is wide, the level of detail is showcase model-level as opposed to wargame model. Their kits are all resin and include a lot of small parts. The quality and level of detail have also vastly improved in the last few years with models having full interiors and sometimes detailed engines. Their latest guns, which I have only seen on the web site also seem to bring the hobby to a new level.
On the minus side, I do question the use of resin for everything as it is more difficult to straighten or unwarp than white metal. Resin parts can be corrected in a hot water bath, but not always perfectly, and the slightest bend in a gun is very conspicuous on a tank!

About the vehicle

About the kit
This is an old out of production Milicast kit.

I bought the kit second hand on Ebay (as a 221 no less!) and it had no instructions. There are only a few parts so that is not really a problem. You have a one-piece hull with spare tire and stowage boxes modled on, 4 wheels, 2 axles, a front bumper, the plate that goes under the bumper, a turret with 2cm gun, a coaxial MG, the mesh screen and 2 headlights.

I have been building the Airfix 222 for quite a few years, and the first thing I did was to compare the hulls. They are actually comparable in size. Milicast has a broader and longer engine deck. The right front side slit is set further back than on the Airfix model but I have seen period pictures of this. The apex (where the hull is the widest) is lower on the Milicast model. This can be seen on the top view, the rectangular parts just below the turret are much broader on Milicast. The wheels are a straight copy of those in the Airfix model. They are too small. I made (bad) castings of one pof the wheels on the MMS Horch heavy car. The two have something in common : the chassis.

This view compares the 222's from Fujimi, Airfix, Milicast. It tells you all you need to know about the Fujimi kit by the way. The turret is too small (so the mesh screen won't work), the wheels as small as Airfix' but thinner. All I used from the kit were the axles (with spring detail) and the front hooks.
Overall I would give this kit a pass. A better 222 will be released someday, maybe even by Milicast.