Kit Preview : 1/76 Milicast Battlefield Series Sherman II early

This is the early M4A1 with direct vision slots, M3 suspension and full sandshields which reached the 8th Army in September 1942 and were instrumental in the victory at El Alamein.

The kit is a semi-built resin model in the Battlefield series, Milicast's response to the Cromwell Combat Ready range for wargamers. It comes without instructions but there are only a limited of parts accompanying the fully assembled hull and turret. The casting is very fine with appropriately scaled lifting eyes and headlight guards.

The hull is too flat and too low. This Sherman sits 3mm below an Airfix M$ and Fujimi M4 105. The front view shows that the ventilation mushroom is almost level with the hatches. It should be substantially lower.

I would advise to steer clear of this model. From what I have seen the Cromwell M4A1 is hardly better.