Kit Preview : 1/76 ModelTransport Henschel 33 DI Communications Truck and Office Trailer

About the manufacturer
ModelTransport is a defunct 1/76 resin model manufacturer. Convoy now carries part of once was an extensive range of very interesting vehicles.

About the vehicle

About the kit

This is a 30 year old kit bought on Ebay. It has no instructions but there are few parts so it should not be too much of a problem. It is cast using a very brittle resin. The chassis is warped and should be straightened with the hot and cold water treatment. The truck's body is fully enclosed! It will be a very interesting challenge to paint the interior (maybe through the windows?). The truck's dual rear tire have annoying bubbles that will be difficult to remove cleanly. Interestingly there is a metal windscreen frame where the cab already has a resin one.

Overall a very interesting kit. Now if I could find some pictures of the real thing...