Kit Preview : 1/76 Nitto Harley Davidson WLA 45

About the manufacturer
Nitto produced 1/76 armor models in the seventies and eighties. They were very sophisticated for the time, often including interior and engine details, separate, lights, tools, and stowage. Unfortunately, they tended to get the big picture wrong and most had major dimensional flaws. Nitto kits are now sold as part of the Fujimi range, but it is worth remembering the origin of those kits.

About the vehicle
Wikipedia article on the WLA.
About the kit
The Harley comes as a bonus in several Nitto Fujimi kits of US armor. You typically end up with several alogside BMW R75s, Jeeps, Kubels and various guns.

It isn't bad if you cut off the scale broomsticks which are supposed to be wheel spokes. Either leave the wheels bare or try your hand with 5thou wire

Reviewed on Sep 9, 2009