Kit Preview : 1/76 Nitto JagdPanther

About the manufacturer
Nitto produced 1/76 armor models in the seventies and eighties. They were very sophisticated for the time, often including interior and engine details, separate, lights, tools, and stowage. Unfortunately, they tended to get the big picture wrong and most had major dimensional flaws. Nitto kits are now sold as part of the Fujimi range, but it is worth remembering the origin of those kits.

About the vehicle

About the kit
This is the original Nitto boxing of the JagdPanther now solf by Fujimi. Like most Nitto kits it makes up in details what is lacks in accuracy.

The model combines a late mantlet with early-type exhausts. The sprockets are toy-like, the picture compares them with those of the Matchbox Panther/JagdPanther, which are also larger. I prefer the Matchbox roadwheels with their bigger bolts, but that is a personal opinion, nothin based on fact.
The last photo shows a side by side comparison with a derelict Matchbox JagdPanther bought on Ebay. The Matchbox kit is a perfect match with the 1/76 drawing in "Panther in Action". It took me a little while to figure out the issue with the Nitto kit: the roof plate is smaller as is the front plate, so the vehicle ends up too short and a bit snub-nosed.