Kit Preview : 1/76 Ostmodels ISU-122S

About the manufacturer
Ostmodels in Tasmania has an extensive range of 1/76 vehicles overlooked by mainstream manufacturers. There is a catalog online at Henk of Holland's web site (Henk crafted several masters for Ostmodels).

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About the vehicle
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About the kit

This is a pretty old kit acquired on Ebay. I think it is from Ostmodels but it is not a certainty. It looks very similar to the one piece casting of the ISU-122 by Cromwell. This is of course the S model with a revised gun mantlet and muzzle brake on the gun itself. The tracks are warped and when I tried to straighten them out the individual links started to come apart. There are no guide teeth on the inner side of the tracks so they have to be added from plastic strip (rounded triangles, one every other link). A more costly but more elegant option is to replace the kit's overthick treacks with link and length plastic ones from Fujimi or PST (marginally wider as they are 1/72).
Reviewed on Jan. 28, 2012.