Kit Preview : 1/76 Ostmodels M13/40 Tank

About the manufacturer
Ostmodels in Tasmania has an extensive range of 1/76 vehicles overlooked by mainstream manufacturers. I don't know if Ankef Fuglsang, the owner is still active at eh moment of writing (12/07). There is a catalog online at Henk of Holland's web site (Henk crafted several masters for Ostmodels).

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About the vehicle
The M13/40 was Italy's main battle tank during WW2 serving in Greece and North Africa. By 1942 it was outdated and supplemented by Semoventes for additional firepower. Please refer to the Wikipedia article for a more detailed description.

About the kit

The hull and running gear are identical with the Ostmodels Semovente. The tracks are provided as straightlengths. You will need to cut off individual links to go around the sprockets and idlers. One inside sprocket wheel is missing in my packet.

Reviewed on Sep. 2, 2009.