Kit Preview : 1/76 Oxford diecast Wolseley 18/85 Staff car

About the manufacturer
Oxford has an extensive range of diecast 1/76 cars and trucks, to go with OO gauge railroad layouts. Most subjects are British civilian models but they do have a Bedford OWB bus and a MWD truck in their embryonic Military range. Furthermore they have the AEC Matador and Scammell Pioneer marked as planned. Some pics of Oxford military models

About the vehicle
The Wolseley 18/85 was a British luxury car from the late 30s. It was used as a staff car in 1944/45, presumably for high ranking officials only.
The Wikipedia entry on the Wolseley 18/85 is a good place to start if you want to learn more. There's actually hardly anything online on this subject.

About the kit
This is a typical diecast model.The paint is well done with perfectly tampographed markings. Detail are a bit on the thick side and there is a yawning gap between the body and the rear fenders where the body meets the chassis. The windows are set from the inside like for most diecasts, which means they are too recessed, given the thickness of the body. The color is suspect, it is too light and green for SCC15, the British olive drab, and also too light for postwar deep bronze green. Markings seem to be for a 21st Army group vehicle (red cross over blue shield, albeit without the yellow crossed swords)but I could not verify them. The chrome headlights are out of place even for a brassmobile.

Overall a very nice kit.Reviewed on June 16, 2012