Kit Preview : 1/76 Bedford QLT

The Bedford QL family was the most widespread fo the British 3-ton 4x4 chassis. It was used everywhere the British Army went from 1941 until wel after the war. The QLT is the troop transport version , with an extended chassis (but same wheelbase). Bedford being part of the GM family. It shared a number of mechanical components with its GM Germany "cousin", the Opel Blitz, as well as the Canadian Chevrolet CMP and the US GMC.
Only Airfix has made an injection model Bedford QL. Unfortunately it was part of the RAF refueling set and came with a tanker body. This model has been extensively converted into other version for 3 decades. It is accurate, with a very detailed chassis. On the downside, the steering wheel is missing and the wheels are junk (undersize with no details).

For reference here is a copy of the Bedford QLT article in the Military Modelling Airfix guide (#3 in the series).

The SHQ kit is a wargaming model in white metal. It is pretty hefty and would cause damage if a sore loser would fling it at you. The level of detail is as expected ofr such a model but the quality of the casting is a disappointment.

The instruction sheet is common to all versions made by SHQ, the QLD, QLR, QLT, and QLB.

The casting is incomplete in places as indicated. The side moldings are not all there. They would better be replaced by plastic card as they should have rounded ends. As seen from the top one of the bed sides is much thinner. Again I think it is a casting problem.
The slatted seats are not represented. It's not a problem if you use the tarp.
The wheels are nice. I'm just noticing, no steering wheel! The 2 extra parts on the right are not to be used on the QLT.

br> Here is the SHQ QL compared to the Airfix model, converted to a QLD. The Airfix cab is more rounded overall. In at leat one area it is more accurate: the round thingies at the bottom of the radiator shoould be half-round, not with flat bottoms like in the SHQ. I think the Airfix cab has better proportions but judge for yourself. Click here for photos of the QL family.

I am of a mixed mind about this kit. I would probably use an Airfix cab and the SHQ wheels. For the rest I am not sure, scratch building a rear body versus improving the metal one seems an even proposition.