Kit Preview : 1/76 SHQ QF 4.5in Howitzer on Mk1P Carriage

SHQ carries an extensive range of 1/76 (20mm) wargaming models and figures in white metal, many unique. Vehicles tend to be on the chunky side, mainly due to the thickness of metal panels. Those trucks are as well armored as Tiger tanks.

About the gun
The QF 4.5in howitzer was a holdover from WW1. Updated to motorized towing with the Mk1P carriage and modern wheels, it was used by the BEF and the early stages of the Desert war. Here is more information on the howitzer. It links to 2 pictures which are the basis of my comments on the kit below. The WW1 modeling site Landships has some very useful pictures as well.

About the kit
This is a very simplified wargaming model. The shield looks good. The same piece is modeled by Matador with a flat shield. SHQ makes the WW1 version with spoked wooden wheels. They updated it to this version with a pair of pneumatic wheels. The wheels are designed to compensate for their reduced size compared to traditional wooden spoked wheels by having an off-centered axle. They should be positioned to have the offcenter axle- wheel center line be vertical with the gun at rest. The barrel's pivots are actually just in front of the shield. Check the linked pictures to see how the pieces are in relation to one another. The model is also missing the sight. I wonder if one from the Airfix 25pdr would do.

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