Kit Preview : 1/76 SMA 1940 Ford 01A 73 Tropical

SMA kits tend to be a mixed bag: great subjects but spotty execution and research. Main parts are resin and details white metal.

This model represents a 1940 Ford Fordor dressed up as a desert staff car.
Kit instructions. Just a couple parts.
The grille doesn't look even remotely right for a '40 Ford or a '39
Click here for a page full of 1940 Fords.

It's not a 1941 either. The 1941 cars initiated postwar styling with a wider body with hidden running boards and a horizontal grille. Click here for the preview of the 1941 Ford Station wagon by 4MilMod.
We are looking at a major resculpting job! I may get around to it this lifetime.
Big blob of extra resin on the lower hull
Profile looks good. Not sure if the side windows are supposed to be drilled out because there is an extra layer of resin inside. Perhaps these are cloth shutters.
Main parts
White metal details. The front bumper has a rope wrapped around it. The tires look a little strange.