Kit Preview : 1/76 SMA 1938 Matford F82

SMA kits tend to be a mixed bag: great subjects but spotty execution and research. Main parts are resin and details white metal. If you are used to precision engineered plastic models with dozens of detailed pieces, you are in for a shock.

This model represents a 1938 French Ford sedan. As requisitioned civilian vehicles, they were used by the French in 1939/40, mainly as staff cars. Survivors were taken over by the Germans and could then be found anywhere from Normandy to Russia. I doubt any served in Libya, but some might have been found in French North Africa as locally conscripted vehicles.
Matford was a joint venture between Mathis and Ford. They built Ford cars between 1934 and 1936 and locally designed models until 1939.
Fords can be easily identified by their model number. F82 decomposes as F for France, 8 for 1938 model year, 2 as engine size.

Update 9/26/06

A bit more research yielded interesting facts. The following links tell all:
1938 Matfords came in two lengths, the shorterned F82 and the full size F81. The F82 is based on a wheelbase of 108 1/4 in. not on the standard US wheelbase of 112in.
The side view of an F82 clearly shows the characteristic body style, with am=n optional detached trunk.

Here are more photos of the 1938 Matford line-up. The rear of the sedans is very similar to the Citroen Tractions.
Here is a video of a F82. It looks nothing like the kit!
The SMA model is actually a hybrid combining the front end of a Matford F82 with the body of a 1938/40 US Ford.

Kit instructions. Just a couple parts.

Grille lacks a vertical central bar and has mold defects but overall shape is good. Headlights need to stick out more.
Click here for more Matford pics

Good body shape and accurate fenders. Mold join will be a pain to remove, some detail will have to be rescribed.
Resin block on bottom needs to be removed.
Main parts
Detail parts.
4 wheels, 2 axles, 2 bumpers, 2 rear wheel covers, interior and steering wheel
Updated on 4/25/11