Kit Preview : 1/76 SMA 1937/38 German Ford Convertible

Kits from now defunct SMA tend to be a mixed bag: great subjects but spotty execution and research. Main parts are resin and details white metal. If you are used to precision engineered plastic models with dozens of detailed pieces, you are in for a shock.

This model represents or tries to represent a German Ford convertible either a 1937 model G78 or 1938 model G81. Here are photos of the of real car. The 1938 model seems to have a wider grille but looks otherwise identical. The main issue is that the doors open from the front, not from the rear as on the model. There are a couple other inaccuracies:
  • the hood opens from the front not the sides as on older cars. The model has the hood cutout and the handle on the sides.
  • the headlights are mounted close to the grille, not far apart on the fendres as the instructions and guiding holes indictae.
  • the fenders seem to be too flat as seen from the front.
  • the side louvres are too long. They extend too far forward by 1 mm.
    Other than that the fit of the body to the chassis is bad. One of them is warped and there is a large gap between the hood and the fenders.

    The long stemmed parts are the civilian headlights, not mirrors. The kit also has a pair of covered military lights but they look too flat.
    A lot of work for those courageous enough to tackle this kit.