Kit Preview : 1/76 US Casts Renault AGK TTN 39 5t truck"

About the manufacturer
All I know is that US Casts is no longer in activity. Judging from the 3 kits I have the quality is comparable to Model Transport.

About the vehicle
As found in my copy of the invaluable "L'automobile sous l'uniforme" of Francois Vauvilliers pages 82-84, the Renault AGK was a cab forward 5 ton GS truck used by the French Army in 1940. This kit depicts the very specific TTN 39 version with a 6 pane wooden body. TTN stands for Transports Toutes Natures (General Purpose) and is noted for their flat floor and ability to transport 6 horses with their heads facing right. The TTN body has all the attachments to tether the horses. Only a couple hundred TTN 39 were produced, mass production was supposed to start in June 1940...

There is not a lot of information on the web on the AGK. Here is a preview of the far superior Alby kit of the standard AGK.

About the kit

I removed several pounds of flash before taking the pictures. The main issues with the cab are the fact that the roof is too narrow and that the doors should be higher. The windscreen of the AGK comes down below the top of the doors as you can see in this picture of the 1/35 Scalelink model. The cab rear and doors must be raised, the roof split in two and widened, and the windshield framing rebuilt to size.
Overall with some good scrach-building skills one should be able to turn out a good model of this very rare truck.

Reviewed on 7/24/09.