Kit Preview : 1/76 Vacucast Kurogane Model 95 Scout Car

About the manufacturer
Now defunct Vacucast had a line of 1/76 conversions, buildings and models. RP Hobbies still has some stock in Texas.That's where I bought mine (online that is).

About the vehicle
The Kurogane Model 95 was a Japanese scout car. Designed in 1937, it served on all fronts. Its air cooled engine made it well adapted to operations in cold weather such as Mandchuria and North China, where the Japanese were active at the time. Here is more information and pictures.
About the kit

There is no chassis in this model. The two axles come attached to a frame. I'm not sure if it is the chassis or sprue that must be cut. The model seems to scale out correctly for 1/76. The two bits probably go in the holes on the back and must be exhaust pipes.
The bumpers need to be mado out of the 2 thinner rods. I would use brass as it is easier to bend. The thicker plastic rod is the sterring column
Overall a very nice little kit.